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G&P snc, owned by Mr. Giuliano Pizzi, was established in 1967 as a manufacturing company of mechanical drives and programmers for knitting machines. Following continuous technological developments in the knitting sector the company started to design and manufacture accessories for large flat and circular knitting machines. Since 1974 when the company was transformed into G&P ELETTROMECCANICA SRL it began to design and manufacture bordering machines capable of achieving increasingly elaborated border trims.

G&P is presently capable of respecting extremely short delivery schedules, thanks to its versatile staff-members and to its well-supplied stocks. It also skilfully meets the various necessities of its customers, adapting its production to the specific market requirements.

G&P machines are comply C.E. standards.

G&P offers various production lines to assist the knitting factory activities, from the feeding of the yarn to the teaseling of the articles, namely:

  • bordering machines
  • intarsia machines
  • machines for scarves
  • teaseling machines
  • accessories

And a warehouse stocked with spare parts:

  • switch-points
  • sleeves
  • etc