GARZAMINI 87/S is proper for to teasel small garments such as socks, gloves and caps.

It is composed by two feeding rollers to regulate the intake speed of the garment to be teaseled, and two cylindrical brushes to teasel one or both sides contemporarily for even results.

The machines can mount three different types of rollers to meet different needs:

  • YELLOW rollers – soft bristles – for delicate fibers or to get a soft effect:
  • BLUE rollers – medium bristles – for most yarns;
  • RED rollers – hard bristles – for synthetic, twisted or tough yarn and to get from medium yarns the maximum fur.

The machines are equipped with a dust suction and storage system and require only simple cleaning and maintenance.

The garments to be teaseled cannot have free yarns, buttons and zippers.

Power supply: 380V-50Hz

Dimensions: 55x99x97h cm

Weight: 135 Kg

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